Paardrijden, Strandritten, manage op ameland nabij Ballum of een rondleiding o de set van penny Shadow

Take your own horse on holiday

On vacation and experience riding on Ameland

Take your own horse on holiday

There is plenty of grazing land available

Take your own horse on holiday

Take your own horse out for a weekend or even on holiday. With us on Hippisch Centrum Ameland  you find an excellent opportunity for just that!! You rent one of our cottages and take your horse in one of our boxes or in the meadow. Taking a holiday near your favourite animal is just that extraordinary experience.

Make an outdoor ride from our  location to the beach without even once crossing a road… Enjoy  beach, sun and sand together with your horse…..

Coming to Ameland with your ridingclub or your stable fore a horsingholiday…for that you are at the right place with us as well. A holiday in our group accommodation  or in one of our cottages offers you the possibility to carelessly enjoy  woods, sea, beach  and exclusive landscape of Ameland from the back of a horse. It is also possible that we lead your way on your outdoor ride so that you can find your way on our ridinglanes and beach.

Outdoor rides

Make a “sundownride” together with us, or what would you say to a “full moon ride” or a “nightride”. To make a “dew ride” with the earliest birds , that can really make your day!!!!

So do enjoy the beach, the wonderful ridinglanes, woods and heather on our lovely Ameland!!

Take your horse with you to Ameland conditions

Take your own horse on holiday

And experience what it's like to ride on one of the widest and most beautiful beaches in Europe.
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